7 Fall Fat Traps to Avoid

Watch out for these autumnal calorie bombs.

7 Fall Fat Traps to Avoid

Every year, it seems there are more and more pumpkin-spice flavored treats popping up. While we all know that the ever-popular pumpkin spice lattes are loaded with sugar, you may not be aware of all the fall flavored foods you’re bombarded with—like maple, apple, chai spice—that contain high amounts of fat, calories, and sugar. Due to the seasonality of these food items, you may feel like you have to indulge now before red and green sprinkles cover everything in sight. On your quest for fall-flavored treats, watch out for these seven offenders.

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Hot Fall Drinks

You’ve probably transitioned from cold brew coffee to a hot beverage this fall, but if you start drinking pumpkin spiced lattes, chai lattes, hot chocolate, apple cider, maple pecan lattes, or cinnamon or caramel flavored beverages daily, those excess calories and fat grams in some of the drinks will add up quickly. If you want to enjoy the fall flavors with a hot beverage, consider starting with a flavored ground coffee and adding a little bit of honey, or sipping an apple, pumpkin, or chai-flavored tea.

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