5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Diet

Take advantage of the seasonal change by reexamining your diet.

5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Diet

As you spring forward to a new season, it’s a convenient time to shift your focus and renew your commitment to adopting and living a healthy lifestyle. The warm weather may motivate you to exercise and pursue physical activity outdoors and it’s the perfect opportunity to explore open-air farmers markets and adopt new healthy habits, especially when it comes to your diet and eating patterns. Get ready to spring clean your diet and make lasting change with these simple and practical tips from registered dietitians Keri Glassman and Jessica Swift.

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Make Gradual Changes

Instead of making many diet changes all at once, Swift points out that making one or two diet modifications at a time will be easier to stick to as the season progresses. You can try adding an extra day of exercise or eating two or more servings of vegetables per day. Glassman also suggests cutting out sodas, looking for healthier ingredient swaps, or cutting back on processed foods. Another helpful tip? “Spring clean your kitchen like you would spring clean your closet. Stock up on fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber and antioxidants instead of packaged foods,” says Glassman.

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