This Is What an 1800-Calorie Meal Plan Looks Like

Use this guide to get started today.

This Is What an 1800-Calorie Meal Plan Looks Like

If you are interested in beginning a weight loss journey or simply want to give your eating habits a facelift, an 1800-calorie meal plan is a great place to start. Registered dietitian Megan Casper, M.S., RDN, owner of Nourished Bite Nutrition, has come up with two different options for you to choose from for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. As always, make sure to consult with your primary care physician before embarking on any radical diet changes. Follow along to find out how to stick to 1800 calories a day without sacrificing variety, flavor, and satiety. Once you get the hang of it, you can throw new ingredients into the mix to create recipes all your own!

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Start your day off on the right foot with one of these tasty and healthy options, both of which are around 450 - 500 calories. On the go? Grab a quick smoothie filled with banana, strawberries, chia seeds and almond butter or toast up two whole grain waffles covered in delicious berries with a latte on the side. Both of these options are quick, loaded with protein, and delicious. Bonus: eating a hearty breakfast has been shown to help maintain a healthy body weight and can even promote weight loss.

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