The 10 High-Protein Foods You Should Be Eating

Skip the protein shakes and opt to fill up on these powerful foods instead.

After pounding out countless reps of weighted squats and calf raises in an evening strength training session, you’re ready to refuel your muscles with a hefty helping of protein. But when your stomach can’t handle one more bite of bland chicken, opt for one of Shemar Moore’s favorite high-protein foods, like cottage cheese. While he admits it’s not the sexiest food at first glance, the protein-packed cheese is delicious as a substitute for cream or whipped into berry-topped oatmeal. Moore also snacks on edamame while he’s on the go to score 17 grams of the muscle-building macronutrient. To keep your taste buds stimulated and body nourished, choose to munch on the 10 foods, including Moore’s protein-packed picks, featured on this printable guide.


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Is This the Key to Ultimate Hydration?

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