Your Daily Schedule on System Oz

Stay on track with this checklist and never forget when to eat or get up and move.

Your Daily Schedule on System Oz

Put yourself first today with System Oz, your whole-body wellness plan for a healthier you. Stay on track with the daily schedule below and never forget when to eat or get up and move. Check off each step as you go and watch your progress grow.

Small Steps for Big Success

Each day with System Oz you'll prioritize your body and mind throughout with small steps: waking up at the same time, keeping your body moving when you're stuck in the daily grind, connecting with friends and loved ones, and practicing intermittent fasting with delicious and healthy meals you'd never imagine were System Oz-approved!

Remember Your Vitamin D

You're also encouraged to take two supplements eah day: 1,200 IU of vitamin D and a multivitamin with 8 mg of zinc. Vitamin D is great for keeping your bones strong, is anti-inflammatory and helps support your immune system. Click here to get the low-down on how to find supplements that have been tested and certified. Check out iHerb, our trusted partner and a reputable online nutritional store that has a variety of vitamin D3 supplements here.

Download your daily checklist here: System Oz Daily Checklist.pdf