These days, there are so many unhealthy and processed foods out there, it’s not always easy for kids to make smart food choices. Some kids are picky eaters and may not always willing to try new foods. That’s why you’ve got to make mealtimes fun. Although making cute foods for your kids is not a miracle fix, I do believe that a pleasing presentation may help your child be more open to trying and eating healthier foods.

Provided by viewer Jillian D.

Take your 2 slices of bread and place them on a cutting board. Grab your butterfly cutter and press it down on the slices of bread. I like to wiggle it back and forth over the cutting board to ensure it goes all the way through and you get good clean lines. With the cutter I used, there is very little waste of leftover bread as it pretty much just left the crust.

Low-Cal Caramel Frappuccino

It's all about the ingredients.

We all love a creamy Frappuccino from our local coffee shop. But they can really rack up the calories and fat with the syrups, sweeteners and milks. One drink can have up to 45 g of sugar! But you don't have to give up your favorite treats to stay healthy. It's all about ingredients and portion control. Here's a short and simple recipe for a low-calorie caramel Frappuccino you can make right at home and not sacrifice flavor!