5 Tips for Getting Your COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment

Know what tools to use and be ready to book at the right time.

5 Tips for Getting Your COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment

COVID-19 vaccine sites have been crowded lately. But with all adults eligible to get a shot on April 19, they're about to fill up even more! It's causing some people to have a difficult time scheduling an appointment to get the vaccine. But don't panic. Here are five tips for navigating the online registrations and getting the appointment you need.

Download these tips to share with friends and family: Vaccine Appointment Tips.pdf

Know Where to Go

Vaccines are being given at local pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, and mass vaccination sites like schools or theme parks. Google your state name + "covid vaccine" to find your state's COVID-19 page, where you'll find vaccine locations near you.

Be Ready to Book

With so many people trying to book at the same time, appointments fill up fast! Know what time your local sites open their appointment slots for booking each day. You can follow local vaccine groups on Facebook or Twitter, where people post updates, links and spreadsheets on appointment times and availability. Be online and ready to book when a location opens appointments.

Use Several Tools

Check multiple sites to book your appointment. That can include you your state's COVID-19 page, as well as third-party aggregator websites that list available appointments at pharmacies near you. Vaccinespotter.org and vaccinefinder.org both free and updated frequently to show you the latest appointments you can book.

Book Fast With Autofill

Turn on autofill in your browser settings to complete your booking fast. Autofill stores information like your name, email, address and phone number. So when you come to this page in your booking, your browser will fill out all the fields for you!

Ask for Help

Don't worry if this all sounds a little overwhelming. Ask a tech-savvy person to help you navigate the websites and online registration pages. You can also call your state's health department or COVID-19 hotline for help.

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