Dr. Oz takes you behind the scenes of his routine colonoscopy and the shocking outcome he never expected: the discovery of a precancerous polyp. Watch Dr. Oz as he deals with the reality of his diagnosis and emphasizes the need for preventive screenings. Learn more about the test that saved his life and what you can do to save your own.

In this video, you'll watch Dr. Oz at home as he prepares for his first colonoscopy.

Click here to watch Part 2: Witness the actual procedure and the moment when Dr. Oz’s physician discovers the precancerous polyp.

Click here to watch Part 3: Dr. Oz’s physician delivers the diagnosis: an adenomatous polyp, the kind that would have likely developed into cancer if left undetected and untreated.

Click here to watch Part 4: Dr. Oz becomes the patient. Here, he discusses the reality of his results and stresses the importance of getting a colonoscopy screening. Fact: 32,000 people die from colon cancer every year because they were never screened.

Click here to watch Part 5: Dr. Oz discusses how colonoscopy is a major preventive measure in protecting your health and explains the colon cancer risk factors.

Click here to watch Part 6: See how colon cancer grows and spreads through the body, and how a colonoscopy is performed.

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