Cold Brew Matcha

If you're looking to boost your metabolism and heart health while getting a small dose of caffeine, sip on a cup of this chilled matcha drink before you head to work. Matcha is a probiotic powerhouse, helping your gut grow more of the healthy bacteria that can fight cancer by reducing inflammation. So put your coffee maker back in the kitchen cabinet, break out a mason jar, and get shaking. 

1 tsp Pure matcha blend
4-5 Ice cubs
8-10 oz Filtered water

Take 1 tsp. of any pure matcha blend (make sure there are no added sugars — sometimes they sneak into blends) and add it into a glass mason jar.

Add four to five ice cubes to the mason jar.

Pour 8 to 10 oz. of filtered water into the jar and seal it tightly with a mason jar lid. Shake the contents of the jar hard for 30 seconds or until clumps are gone.