1 lb Bittersweet chocolate (at least 65% cacao, coarsely chopped)
1 cup Pumpkin seeds (pepitos)
1 tsp Sea salt

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

To temper the chocolate, place 3/4 of the chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl. Program a microwave to 50 percent power. With the bowl uncovered, heat the chocolate for 30 seconds and then stir with a rubber spatula.

Repeat, heating for 30 seconds and then stirring, until almost all the chocolate in the bowl is melted, about 3 minutes total. Using an instant-read thermometer, check the temperature of the chocolate. It should be 110°F to 115°F. If it hasn’t reached desired temperature, continue to heat (in 10 second increments).

Add the reserved chocolate and stir constantly until completely melted and smooth and thermometer reads 88°F to 90°F. The chocolate is now tempered.

Stir the pumpkin seeds into the chocolate. Using an offset spatula spread the chocolate in an even layer, about 1-4 inch thick, on parchment paper. Sprinkle the sea salt over the chocolate.

Allow the bark to cool at room temperature until hard. Break into irregular pieces. Store the bark in an airtight container at room temperature.