Chicken and Broccoli Stuffed Shells With Alfredo Sauce

It's not always the case that fancy is also easy in the kitchen. But it is here. Follow this recipe for pasta shells stuffed with endless goodness: chicken, broccoli, shredded mozzarella, and, of course, Alfredo sauce.  

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3 cups Cooked chicken (chopped)
3 to 4 cups Cooked and salted broccoli
2 cups Finely shredded mozzarella
12 oz (1 box) Jumbo pasta shells (cooked according to package directions)
30 oz (2 jars) Alfredo sauce

Mix the chicken, broccoli, and mozzarella together in a bowl.

Fill the shells with the mixture. (Try using half of the shells, which should fill a 9-x-13-inch casserole dish; freeze the rest.)

Spread a small amount of the sauce on the bottom of the pan.

Lay the shells (in a single layer) in the dish.

Pour the sauce over the top.

Cover with foil and bake at 350°F for about 45 minutes or until hot and bubbly.