Cellulite-Reducing Seaweed Mask

Ninety percent of women have cellulite – luckily there are solutions to this common problem. This inexpensive mask can reduce the appearance of cellulite on your legs in less than 30 minutes. The seaweed in this mask helps to reduce the appearance of fat cells. Additionally, the acid from the lime juice and the moisturizing properties of the honey are a good combination for your skin.

1/2 cup Seaweed
1/2 cup Green clay
1/4 cup Lime juice
1 tbsp Honey
3 tbsp Hot water

First grind the seaweed and add it to the green clay.

Mix in the lime juice, honey and hot water.

Smear on your legs, wrap with plastic for 25 minutes and then rinse off in the shower.

Use weekly for the best results.