Carrot-Sweet Potato Blend

Add this blend to cupcakes or mac 'n cheese to make your decadent favorites healthy. Sneaking in veggies into your meals will help you eat better and stay in shape. 

Recipe from: Sneaky Blends, Supercharge Your Health with More Than 100 Recipes Using the Power of Purees 

2 Large sweet potatoes or yams (peeled and rough chopped)
6 Large carrots (peeled and rough chopped)
Filtered water

Place a steamer basket into a large pot, pour in a few inches of water (make sure the water is below the bottom of the basket) and set it over high heat.

Add the sweet potatoes and carrots and steam, covered, for 15 to 20 minutes, until fork tender.

Blend veggies into a with two to three tablespoons of water and until smooth, adding more water as necessary.