Carbonara Nuova

This delicious pasta is based on authentic Italian recipes. While you shouldn't eat it all the time, this dish is the perfect date-night indulgence. 

6 oz Spaghetti
2 tbsp Olive oil
1 Medium onion (diced)
2 cloves Garlic (diced)
2 oz Bacon bits
4 oz Fresh mushrooms
2 oz White wine
4 Eggs
2 oz Spring onions (chopped)
2 oz Half-and-half cream
2 oz Fresh parsley (chopped)
4 oz Parmesan cheese (grated)
Salt and pepper (to taste)

Boil water in a large pot and cook pasta al dente according to instructions.

Meanwhile, in a large pan, sweat the onions and garlic for one minute in olive oil. Add in the bacon bits and mushrooms and stir for about five minutes. Deglaze with white wine and let simmer for about two minutes.

Add the drained pasta into the pan and mix well. Then add in the remaining ingredients, and half of the cheese. Stir to make sure the pasta becomes completely coated. Adjust seasonings.

Sprinkle some cheese and crushed black pepper on top and serve with a side of garlic bread.