5 Simple Steps to Stop Your Anxiety Attack in the Moment

We all get nervous or anxious at times. But does it ever build up and start taking over you? It's important to have tools and tricks to help you quiet your mind in that moment and keep the anxiety from getting out of control. Here's a simple five-step hack to help you calm down and stop the attack from getting worse.

Step 1: Name 5 Things You See

When you feel your heart start to race and your breaths become fast, take a seat or lie down. Take a look around you. What do you see? Take a moment to name, as specifically as you can, five items you see around you.

Step 2: Name 4 Things You Can Touch

That's good. Now, without getting up, look around and find four things you can touch. But don't just touch them. Take a moment to notice their texture and how they feel in your hands. Are they rough, smooth, cold, hot?

Step 3: Name 3 Things You Hear

Alright, now close your eyes and name three things you can hear. Are there cars outside? Crickets? The hum of your fan? How familiar are these sounds? Do you hear anything you haven't noticed before?

Step 4: Name 2 Things You Smell

Ok, what do you smell? Perhaps you're wearing your favorite perfume. Or maybe you smell a delicious dinner downstairs. Can you smell your shampoo in your hair? What scents do you notice in the smell?

Step 5: Name 1 Thing You Taste

What do you taste? Did you just brush your teeth? Are you wearing lipstick? Maybe you can still taste that piece of chocolate you enjoyed earlier.

This calming hack is designed to re-route your brain from negative, racing thoughts to meaningful, quiet thoughts. It can take you out of the moment of your anxiety and into a moment of full awareness and peace.

This Small Device Can Help Give Independence Back to People With Visual Impairment

Get help with the things that became difficult without full sight.

Do you or a loved one experience visual impairment? Whether it's because of blindspots, blurred vision, tunnel vision or night blindness, there's a new tool that can help you do the things that become difficult without full sight. The OrCam MyEye is a small voice-activated device that can attach to your glasses and read aloud text from a book, screen or other surface. It can even recognize faces, money, barcodes and colors. It does this all in real-time and offline. Watch the video below to see how the OrCam MyEye works and why some people say it gave them independence back.