Burger Cupcakes

If burgers are your favorite food, then you'll love this dessert. This recipe makes your cupcakes look like mini burgers. These delicious cupcakes are easy to make and bound to impress at any cookout party.

1 Store-bought box yellow cake
1 Store-bought box chocolate cake
2 containers Store-bought white icing
3 cups Shredded coconut
Green, red, yellow food coloring
1 3-inch biscuit cutter

Bake the yellow cake and the chocolate cake according to package instructions and set aside to cool. While the cakes cool, combine the shredded coconut with a couple of drops of the green food coloring. This will act as the lettuce for your burger. Set aside.

Split the icing half and place into two separate bowls. Color one with the red food coloring and the other with the yellow. These will be the ketchup and mustard. Set aside.

When the cakes have cooled, use the biscuit cutter to cut rounds of cake out of the cake pan. Set the rounds aside. Take a round of the yellow cake and split in half. This will be your bun.

To build your "burgers", place one half of the yellow cake piece on a cutting board. Use a piping bag or a butter knife to spread the yellow icing over the top side of the bun. Top this will a round of the chocolate cake (a.k.a. the burger) and top with the red icing. Then place a pinch of the coconut on top of that. Finally, top with the remaining half of the yellow cake round. Repeat until all of the burger cupcakes are made.