Below is a statement on behalf of the FDA:

"The FDA understands that some consumers may have concerns about brominated vegetable oil (BVO) in food products. Based on its review of the science, the FDA has determined that BVO is safe and presents no health risks at the permitted level of 15 parts per million"

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Below is a statement on behalf of the American Beverage Association:

"The current conversation surrounding brominated vegetable oil is more sensational than substantive. Brominated vegetable oil or BVO, which is used in some beverages, improves the stability of the beverage by preventing some ingredients from separating. It is a safe ingredient permitted by the FDA and is listed on the ingredient statement when present in a beverage. Importantly, consumers can rest assured that our products are safe and our industry adheres to all government regulations."

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Below is a statement on behalf of PepsiCo, makers of Gatorade:

"Gatorade prides itself in having deep relationships with consumers and athletes. As standard practice we constantly evaluate our formulas and ingredients to ensure they comply with federal regulations and meet the high quality standards our consumers and athletes expect – from functionality to great taste. We’ve followed these principles and guidelines since Gatorade was invented in 1965.

We appreciate Sarah as fan of Gatorade and her concern has been heard."

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