When You Are on Vacation

Terri's View: Summer is finally here. Many of us will be traveling and enjoying family time. How do you stick to your routine when you are eating out almost every meal and no gym is in sight?

Terri's View: Summer is finally here. Many of us will be traveling and enjoying family time. How do you stick to your routine when you are eating out almost every meal and no gym is in sight?

You can still take time to pack healthy snacks and bring them along for the car ride or hotel room. It's easier to keep indulgences to a minimum when you have healthier choices close at hand. When you're eating out most meals it can be tough to stick to the plan. I know I sometimes will order the right thing for myself then pick at my kids' fries or desserts.

When eating out for breakfast, I tend to stick to eggs or veggie omelets with no cheese, no potatoes on the side and dry wheat. For lunch I will usually order a wrap or grilled chicken salad, and for dinner I will usually stick to chicken or fish and choose healthy sides. It is tough to eat healthy on vacation, we feel like we should let loose and enjoy. We should enjoy ourselves and have some treats and eat some things we would not normally eat. But we don't want to come home from vacation with the pants we wore there not fitting for the ride home.

It is also hard to eat properly when your day may be at an amusement park or somewhere else with not many food choices. Again if they allow bags, I will usually bring my own (not just the calories, but the money you save is amazing) and pack fruit for snacks and lots of water. We always eat a big breakfast when we travel to avoid unhealthy snacking.

Many times the hotel you are in may have a workout center. It usually consists of a treadmill and maybe 1 other machine. When in a pinch, this may be all you need just to keep your mind in the game and remember the workouts will be waiting when you get home. A nice walk or some crunches and stretches on the hotel floor can keep you limber and keep your mind focused on not going crazy with the eating.

Vacations are a tough time to eat properly. We all deserve some well needed R&R and it is ok to indulge in some favorites. The point is not to come back so bloated and heavy that we set ourselves back 2 months.

Ed's View: Who doesn't look forward to vacation? Away from work, family time and off to an exciting destination. But no matter where you go, you will be away from your routine and will be surrounded by food. How to handle your meals and temptations will determine how much weight you will put on. It is almost impossible not to gain a couple pounds, but keeping it to a minimum is key.

Pick and choose your indulgences rather than just having a "what the heck" attitude at every meal and saying "Well, I'm on vacation anyway, I will start clean when I return." Even when I am on vacation, I try to get some sort of exercise in. When we went to Florida last year everyone told me that I would do so much walking that I wouldn't gain any weight. Yeah, right! Have you seen me eat?

Vacation can really derail you. I still hit the hotel gym (or fitness center if that's what you call it) just to keep my head in the game. I tried to at least eat a normal breakfast and indulge at dinner or vice versa. Vacations are so tough to stick to the plan but we must always keep the big picture in mind. Enjoy yourself and indulge but remember, reality will be back when we get home and we don't want to be too mad at ourselves when we get back to the routine.

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