"Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out."

"Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out."

~ Robert Collier

Put these 5 rules into practice and they will revolutionize your life! I am sure you have read them or heard Dr. Oz say them before, right?  

No sugar.  

No high fructose corn syrup.  

No trans fats.  

No saturated fats.

Nothing enriched.  

Amy, my new friend, came face to face with these new standards just a short time ago. Since she implemented these rules into her life, her body has been performing "miracles" before her very eyes. You will have to stay tuned to find out what I mean – I’ll share more on her later! I will say that I am in awe of her. I remember when I first read those rules in YOU: The Owners Manual back in 2006, and I thought, "easy enough!" Let's be honest with each other – at first it wasn't so easy because I had to start reading labels that read like a new and unusual foreign language. Each label I read had me standing in the grocery store picking my jaw off of the ground as I stared in shock that MOST of the foods in my diet were on the "black" list!

I was horrified at the choices I had been making. Even things I thought were good had high fructose corn syrup and were enriched! However, my new knowledge helped me to navigate my way through the grocery store and leave with a bag full of foods that were packed with nutrition!

As I implemented these changes into my daily diet day after day, they became automatic. What seemed like a foreign language turned into the language I now speak fluently. Make simple changes, start reading labels and soon you'll be driving through the grocery store on cruise control! Guaranteed!    

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