A Regular Day in the Life of Me!

Many of you have been curious about what is a regular day for me. This is how I do what I do and maintain it all.

Many of you have been curious about what is a regular day for me. This is how I do what I do and maintain it all.

Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I say is “Thank you! Thank you for another day here to share with the world as much of my knowledge as I can, and thank you for my feet hitting the floor once again!”

Then I think of what a fabulous day lies ahead of me – rain or shine I think it’s going to be a good day, and it is. Positive thinking is so important!

A cup, and only 1 cup, of coffee, a bowl of steel cut oats and some fresh fruit and off to the gym I go for a good 2-3 hours every day. After the gym I usually have a piece of fruit for my snack.

You all know I love group fitness classes and I turned that passion into my job, by teaching Group Kick and soon to be teaching Group Power. I think it’s very important to make what you love to do your job, the risks are worth it.

After the gym, it’s time for a well deserved shower or bubble bath. I love to meditate in the bubble bath. It’s so relaxing it just gets you in the zone.

Lunch time usually consists of a veggie burger in a whole wheat wrap loaded with veggies, and a cup of low-sodium soup.

Then usually, I run some errands, clean the house, do some gardening, and write my blog or whatever else comes my way. The key here is that no matter what, I always keep busy so there is no time for the boredom and eating for no reason. Heck, if I ever run out of things to do, I can always take a walk! I also try to write in my daily journal, and always remember to live in the now!

My afternoon snack consists of some fruit, or a small salad, maybe a healthy snack bar – something light that will carry me through until dinner.

Dinner is usually chicken, sometimes fish, always fresh or frozen veggies and either a small baked potato, some brown rice, or whole grain pasta. I always eat on small plates. If I teach Kick at night, sometimes I have to cook in the afternoon so it’s all set before I leave for the gym.

By this time of the day, I’m cleaning up after dinner, maybe doing some laundry, or answering some emails. I also watch The Dr. Oz Show or Oprah that I’ve recorded. If I’m caught up on those shows then I’ll watch a sitcom or 2 and I’m usually in bed by 9:30pm and always up by 5:30am.

However I love to dance (and, yes, like no one is watching,) so if I choose to go out at night no matter how many hours I worked out at the gym and or taught Kick class, I can still dance the night away right up until the band stops playing!

Living this way gives me more energy than I could have ever dreamed of. I’m 41 years old but I feel and look better now than I did in my 20's. It is amazing and you can have it too! Life is good!

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