The Power of Subliminal Communication

Did you know that September is Subliminal Communication Month?

Did you know that September is Subliminal Communication Month?

Ok, honestly, me neither. But, when I found out – I have to say, I for one, am poised to throw a huge party!

Who better to embrace Subliminal Communication Month than yours truly?

See, this is what I have been trying to tell you people! That subliminally – subconsciously – we send messages to those around us. We say one thing, and physically – simultaneously – do another.

Ahh, the beauty of confusing, mixed messages. Isn’t it fabulous? Amidst our verbal communication, there lies the unspoken reality of subliminal communication.

What does this mean, you ask? For starters, it means that there is a HUGE probability that we are communicating much more without saying a word than we think. Much, much more. See, on a subliminal level, we convey who we are without even knowing it. For some people (and you know who you are), this is a problem because whether you want to or not, you are constantly saying something without your lips even moving.

What does this say about the power of messages underneath the surface? It says that they are more powerful than we give them credit for. At times, they speak volumes. Far more than even a multitude of words can. What we portray visually, through how we dress, the manner in which we carry ourselves, our nonverbal communiqués – this all sends messages to those around us.

Businesses, advertising executives and political campaign strategists know the power of subliminal messages. How come it’s taking the general public so long? Why do we deny the power of our non-verbals, despite all the evidence to the contrary? Scientists have proven that hidden messages, say in advertising, attract the brain’s attention even while the individual in question remains blissfully unaware they are being advertised to.  

Interesting. What I see is a prime opportunity to get what we want, or at least try, without the other parties being aware of our tactics.

Think of an instance where you needed to communicate a troublesome issue to your tyrannical teen or pled your case of a dream vacation to your frugal husband. Have you tried all of the words? Begged, pleaded, cried, yelled – and still, nothing. They won’t budge, will they? It’s time to let the non-verbal power of subliminal messages speak for you.

Take a look at what you’re not saying in order to get your point across. That’s powerful. Quit trying to re-work the words that you use in order to convince and persuade; instead, examine the very images and visual messages that you show on the low to communicate.

Take the case of your tyrannical teen. Perhaps you have a task, a simple message that you have been trying to relay to them for quite some time. Say no more. No, I mean it. Say. No. More.

It’s time you try the route of subliminal messages; this method will be more powerful and convincing than you think. Instead, look at your body positioning. Is it aggressive or passive; both are bad – keep it neutral, yet in charge. Adjust your hand movements (no one likes that finger point, so put it away) and your eye contact (make it and don’t break it – but soften your gaze) to convey your wishes.

And what of that amazing vacation to Ireland, for example, that you dream of? Send some high pressure visual signals without ever saying a word. Whip out some gorgeous pictures of Ireland’s majestic golf courses, flip the TV to a program about Ireland, and pretend it is St. Patty’s day all year if you have to. This is just about creating the savviest, most subtle marketing campaign your hubby’s ever seen. Like most things with husbands – it’s all about making it seem like it was his idea all along. Sure, easier said than done, ladies – but highly, highly effective.

Let’s face it: We often say too much, and talk ourselves right out of a wonderful, glorious trip to Ireland (true story).

Yet, with Subliminal Communication Month in full swing, it’s time to invest in a completely new route of communication.

And, as your reward for trying – I promise not to say I told you so.

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