As we get closer to winter, you might find yourself reminiscing about the summer. I certainly am. As many of you may know, last summer I went on a world tour with my family to visit a few of the many countries that air our show. I returned seeing the world through different – and refreshed – eyes. I credit this to all the time spent in nature. All this concrete, plastic and steel serves its purpose, but it’s the great outdoors that are truly nourishing.

During the trip, I returned to Turkey, visited Italy, China, Australia, Hawaii and Alaska. But, I have to say that I experienced the most untouched, most beautiful landscapes in Alaska. We explored the wetlands, the glaciers, and everything in between. In this video, you’ll see me swimming with salmon. It’s not quite the hot tub at the log cabin – but for me, it was even better. Needless to say the water was anything but luke warm, but to be amidst such an incredible and thriving ecosystem, it was quite transcendent. My mind was clear, and I was totally present in the moment, suspended in the water, feeling life all around me. Directed and Shot by Ian Kellett
Edited by Andy Bell

Just as spending time in nature can bring peace of mind, invigorating your spirit, experiencing nature through your food can help restore balance in your body – since you’re eating in the way that was intended and that your body was optimized for. Sit down with a roasted veggie plate or sit down with a hot dog on a plain white bun – the first option brings the best out of nature; the second is Frankenstein on a dish. I wonder how that’ll sit in your stomach. Like a log.

On another day in Alaska, we let the salmon swim and went fishing instead. If people laud the taste of foods fresh from farm-to-table, imagine what it felt like to grill – and taste – our fresh catch. Now, I’m not suggesting we all go out and cast a line; I know that’s not possible. But you can eat locally sourced foods in their most natural forms and do yourself the same amount of good.

Whether it’s wild Alaskan salmon delivering pure and rich omega-3s, whole grains providing fiber and energy, or fruits and vegetables from your local farm delivering critical vitamins and potent antioxidants, you’ll see that these natural foods confer the greatest benefit. I still suggest you take a multivitamin – but there’s nothing better than the real thing.

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