Boring Task at Work? Bad Weather? Well, Get Excited!

Use one of my favorite moves to trick your mind into getting excited for anything.

Use one of my favorite moves to trick your mind into getting excited for anything.

As I started my day, all I could think of was how dreary it was outside. Here in Washington, DC, it was grey, cold and raining. Not the kind of weather I want to wake up to. But January has so far been a very busy month for me, and knowing how busy the rest of the month will be too, I knew I couldn’t let this not-so-nice day get to me. So, in order to get myself pumped up for the day and excited for the rest of the week, I broke out one of my favorite and simple body language moves. 

What do we often see little kids do when they are happy and excited? Maybe you just told them the family is going on vacation, or that you have a surprise for them if they eat all their dinner. Besides starting to jump up and down and bouncing off the walls, of course, we often see them put the palms of both hands together and quickly rub them back and forth (think of how you would rub your hands together quickly while trying to warm them up in front of a fire). We can tell when children are excited and ready for what’s coming their way when they do this little move. So, let’s take a lesson from our kids and try it ourselves. Go ahead! Put your hands together in excitement. Feel the difference yet? 

This move is great to bring out when you start to feel that afternoon drag or if your coffee hasn’t quite kicked in yet when you get to the office. Maybe you have a big presentation at work and you’re nervous. Well, kick those nerves to the curb, rub your hands together, and get excited instead! 

You can even take it a step further, especially when trying to curb nerves. Going on a first date? Right before you walk out of the house put those hands together, then shake your arms and legs out, and give a little yell. I know that may sound silly, but try it! Do it a couple of times if you have to! Those nerves will shake right out. 

I teach this move at my presentations and to my students at the Body Language Institute. I want them to be excited for what they’re about to hear and to wake up if it’s been a long day in class. The second I have them start to do this move, they all start to smile and laugh. Then, as I get ready to begin or start the next section, I notice they all seem to be more attentive – sitting up straighter, eyes on the front of the room, ready and excited for what’s about to come.

Try it on yourself when you hit a slump at work, or have your kids do it real quick before they start their homework. 

It’s amazing how one little move can make such a big difference in how you’re feeling. So, I hope you find this quick tip valuable and begin to apply it to your life. Get excited for that mid-week workday instead of dreading it! 

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