3 Jarred Foods Chefs Say You Should Always Have in Your Pantry

Find out all you can do with spaghetti sauce, salsa and pickles!

With the stress of the pandemic, we all want things to help us save time and make decisions. When it comes to cooking, jarred foods are your answer! They last for a long time and can help round out delicious meals. Here are three items chefs say you should always have on hand.

Spaghetti Sauce

It's not just to top pasta. You can use it for chili! Just add the sauce to some onions, ground beef, seasoning, canned beans and broth. Or, you can make a Shakshuka, where you poach an egg in the sauce with feta, bell peppers and a little cumin and basil for a savory breakfast. The possibilities are endless!

But many sauces can be loaded with sugar and salt. Looks for brands that use San Marzano tomatoes, tomatoes from Italy, plum tomatoes or Italian whole peeled tomatoes. They are all naturally sweet, so there's no need for added sugar. Also avoid vegetable oil and canola oils. Stick with brands that have less than 500 mg of sodium.

The Best Jarred Foods for Easy & Fast Weeknight Dinners Part, 1


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