Beef Buying Guide: How to Find the Best Cuts for Your Money

Get the most flavor without spending a ton of money.

Beef Buying Guide: How to Find the Best Cuts for Your Money

Celebrity chefs Roblé Ali and Curtis Stone are sharing their insider tips for buying the best beef at the supermarket. Find out what kinds of steak have the best flavor, what to look for on the packaging, and what type of beef gives you the most bang for your buck.

Best All-Around: Skirt Steak

Out of all the cuts, the skirt steak has the most flavor and the greatest texture. It's easy to cook and comes out tender, which makes it suitable for both beginner and expert home cooks. To compare, the filet mignon has the least flavor of all of the steaks — and it's typically the most expensive. Proving higher cost doesn't mean better taste, the skirt steak is typically the cheapest of the steak cuts!

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