Powdered collagen promises to improve your sleep and make you feel younger. Some say it’s the wrinkle fighter that works from the inside out. Today, we find out if it really works! Then, we have your anti-aging shopping list. See why you can skip the drugstore and head to the grocery store.


Can Drinking This 1 Ingredient Give Your Skin the Look You Want?

You're not making as much collagen as you used to.

Is Vitamin C the Key to Brighter Skin?

Collagen is one of the important building blocks of your skin that keeps it plump and healthy looking. But as you age, your body makes less and less of it. Is there a way to boost your skin's collagen? What about drinking it? Dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Lee, on behalf of our trusted sponsorship partner USANA Health Sciences, tells you why drinking collagen could give you the book you're looking for.

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