Your Guide to the Total Choice Plan

You choose, you lose! Learn how to follow the Total Choice plan to lose weight without thinking about it.

Your Guide to the Total Choice Plan

The Total Choice is a free program for everyone who wants to lose weight without thinking or obsessing about it. It’s hassle-free and has tons of meal options that add up to create your perfect calorie day, making it nearly impossible to make a mistake or overeat. You no longer have to worry about counting calories, points or anything else. Simply pick your meals each day and start losing instantly.

How to Get Started on the Plan

First, you’ll determine which meal plan you should be on, 1200 calories or 1600 calories per day. To do this, you’ll need to address three main factors:

  1. Age: Metabolic rate usually decreases every decade and that has a lot to do with the loss of muscle. If we don’t replace that muscle, our metabolism drops. If you’re 35 and under, you should try the 1600-calorie plan. If you’re 36 and older, try the 1200-calorie plan.
  2. Height: If you are taller, chances are you have more weight on your frame, so you need more calories to sustain that. If you’re less than 5’5", try the 1200-calorie plan. If you’re over 5’5", try the 1600-calorie plan.
  3. Activity Level: If you’re not that active or slightly active, try the 1200-calorie plan. This means you may sit behind a desk all day or do light exercise, like a yoga class twice a week or you take a walk with your girlfriends a few times a week. If you’re very active, as in you do some type of exercise almost every day, try the 1600-calorie plan.

Look for which calorie count plan you fall in based on these three factors and that’s your plan. If you're a man, you should automatically pick the 1600-calorie plan. Pick the plan you have the most similarities with. So, if two out of three of these guidelines point you toward a specific plan, that’s the one to choose. And remember, you can always change your plan if you feel you’re not losing enough or if you feel that you need more food. Take the Total Choice assessment here.

How to Pick Your Meals

Go to whichever plan you’re on to see all of the available meals for that plan.

The Total Choice 1200-Calorie Plan

The Total Choice 1600-Calorie Plan

For breakfast, you’ll have options like egg sandwiches, wraps, quick oats and more. Choose one and make it; each recipe takes only minutes to whip up. For lunch, you’ll notice most of the meals are portable, so you can bring them to work with you. The dinner recipes are targeted at a healthier spin on comfort foods, as that’s what most people turn to when they get home from work. Don’t forget, you can also add as many non-starchy vegetables to any of these meals as you would like, so you’ll never leave yourself hungry or wanting more food.

Remember: Treat Yourself!

Each plan allows for one snack and one dessert per day. Choose what you’re in the mood for each day by browsing through the fast and easy snack options. The dessert recipes are made for each specific plan, and the snack recipes can be enjoyed for either plan.

Eat and Repeat

Once you’ve picked breakfast, lunch, dinner and your snacks and/or dessert for the day, do it all over the next day! There is no limit for how long you can do the Total Choice plan. If you followed the Total 10 Rapid Weight-Loss Plan, consider this your maintenance plan to keep the weight off, or to lose a little bit more. Try this plan for two weeks or longer to see the best results. Get the complete Total Choice Plan here.

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