Is Your Body Aging Too Fast?

These simple at-home tests cover three main areas – strength, balance and memory – to see if your body is aging too fast.

Is Your Body Aging Too Fast?

Find out if and why you should be concerned about accelerated aging and learn how you can slow down the clock.   


Test: Try to open three jars in 10 seconds. 

Why It Matters: The ability to open a jar is a simple test of overall muscle strength. If you don't have the muscle strength to do daily tasks like opening a jar, it could be an indicator you are aging too fast.

Slow the Clock: Improve your strength. Squeeze a rubberized ball for 90 seconds, three times per day. Improving muscle strength by even just a little bit can add years to your life.  


Test: Sit down and cross your legs. Try getting up from this seated position without using your hands.  

Why It Matters: Balance, combined with lower body strength, reduces your risk of falling. Falling is the leading cause of traumatic death for women as they age.  

Slow the Clock: Improve your balance. Stand on one leg for 10 seconds. As you get better, extend the time and try it blindfolded. For a step-by-step balance workout, click here.


Test: Say 10 items you need to take out of your cabinet. Then, go over to your cabinet and remove the 10 items.  

Why It Matters: The average person remembers 5 to 9 items with short-term memory. When it comes to the brain, it’s use it or lose it. Most age-related memory loss comes from inactivity and lack of mental exercise.  

Slow the Clock: Try 25 micrograms of vitamin B12 either orally or under the tongue per day. Grocery shopping is an everyday great way to audit yourself and exercise your brain. Create shopping lists in your head and see what you remember. For more tips on improving your memory, click here.

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