The YOU: Having a Baby App for the Apple iPhone

This iPhone App features content from Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen's best-selling book, YOU: Having a Baby, in an easy-to-use Q&A format perfect for the mobile environment.

The YOU: Having a Baby App for the Apple iPhone


Find answers to expectant mothers' pregnancy-related questions with rich informative videos and illustrations.


Personalized daily reminders for maintaining a healthy pregnancy based on due date.


Keep track of your baby's growth with fetal development images, update your schedule by adding doctor appointments, and update your contacts with all of your important telephone numbers.

The YOU Having a baby Mobile App works with iPhone and iPod Touch® devices running 3.0 software or later. The you having a baby Mobile App can be used over data or Wi-Fi connections.

"Pregnancy is a time of great excitement, but it's also a teachable moment for women to focus on their overall health. This new iPhone app will help, providing them with a repository for everything from images of their child's development to reminders about crucial steps for mothers to ensure the best health for their infants" 
  Dr. Mehmet Oz

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