You Can Tell That by the Way a Woman Walks?!

About to go for a walk? Don't move till you read this. A group of sex researchers has reported in the prestigious Journal of Sexual Medicine that you can tell whether a woman has a history of orgasms by watching her stroll down the street. Now, thatshould change your people-watching habits forever!

Here's the deal: After interviewing young women (Belgians, if you're curious, but that's not the point), researchers videotaped them walking down the street. Sex experts watching the videos were able to tell -- with a stunning 81% accuracy -- which women had experienced vaginal orgasms (as distinct from orgasms resulting from clitoral stimulation) and which hadn't.

What tipped them off? The "fluidity, energy, sensuality and freedom" of the women's gait. Long, confident strides and a certain swing to the hips were factors, too. There's a practical lesson here: The experts suspect that women who don't walk this way (that is, who probably haven't had vaginal orgasms) may have overly tight muscles in their pelvises and backs that are restricting their sexual pleasure.

On the other hand, the researchers speculate, having a relaxed but energetic walk might simply reflect the confidence a woman feels as a result of having achieved an orgasm. (We're not touching the can-of-worms debate about vaginal orgasms versus the other kind.)

Though the experts aren't long on practical advice, they do suggest that working on flexibility and suppleness, especially in the pelvic region, might help women with up-tight muscles have orgasms more easily. Translation: Start dancing, do yoga, and check out the step-by-step instructions in this article, Exercising your Love Muscle (it's in the pelvic area).

Meanwhile, maybe just walking as if you've already been there and done that will make it happen. So, go on, swing those arms, swivel those hips, get loose -- and let the world watch. A walk in the park never looked so sexy!

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