Winter-Proof Your Body

You may find that the dry, harsh conditions of winter cause a number of problems – from chapped lips to dry, itchy skin. The winter months can be rough on your body, but you can protect yourself with these simple switches.

Winter-Proof Your Body

Stop Using Soap

Winter is also flu season which means you’re probably washing your hands more frequently. Your efforts to ward off germs, however, might be the cause of dry, cracked skin on your hands. Lye, the cleanser in most soaps, strips your hands of the natural oils that protect your skin from harsh, dry conditions. For healthier hands, switch to a natural cleanser with kaolin. Kaolin gently removes dirt from skin and has disinfectant properties to help heal inflammation caused by harsh elements.

Switch to Shea Butter

Chapped lips are a common problem during winter, leading most people to reach for a petroleum jelly-based chapstick. Petroleum jelly doesn’t get absorbed by the skin, instead it just sits on your lips until it is wiped off. Shea butter is absorbed by the skin and actually helps improve the moisture retention of your lips.

Creamy, Not Clear
The dry winter air affects hair too. You can protect your hair from harsh conditions by using a creamy shampoo. Clear shampoos, which often contain the cleanser ammonium laurel sulfate, strip your hair of essential oils and leave your hair unprotected. The humectant panthenol, contained in creamy shampoos, will trap and hold moisture, helping prevent dry, frizzy hair.

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