Why You Need to Wash Your New Yoga Pants

Your athleisure clothing may have bacteria lurking inside.

Over the years, wearing athleisure has not just become a trend, but also a way of life. Because athleisure is extremely comfortable, women's elastic pants are topping sales and many women can't wait to jump into them. Although it may be tempting to wear your new yoga pants immediately after purchasing them, you may want to think twice about wearing them before a wash. 

Recently on The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Oz tested 11 pairs of yoga pants. According to the results, 10 out of 11 pants tested positive for coliform bacteria, one tested positive for E-coli, and another had high levels of yeast and mold. Women's health expert Dr. Varnado suggested the following tips to avoid wearing pants that are infested with unwanted germs. 

Wash Inside-Out

Not everyone washes their pants after they buy them. However, this is a good habit to get into. Shoppers may do more than just try pants on in stores. In some cases, they buy them, wear them, and then return them.  Washing yoga pants after purchasing them kills germs that came from any unknown places. 

Wash in Cold Water

Yoga pants are extremely tight and many women do not wear anything under their leggings. Therefore, washing them is essential to rid bacteria and fungus. When washing your yoga pants, be sure to clean them with cold water. Hot water will ruin the material of your pants.

Wash Separately From Other Clothes

When doing your laundry, make sure your yoga pants are in a separate load. This way, your yoga pants will be as clean as can be. 


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