What You Need to Know About Self-Care

Use this list of self-care ideas to reduce stress and bring yourself renewed happiness.

Self-care is something we've all heard a lot about recently, but it's hard to know exactly what it is or how to do it. That's because it's different for everyone: it essentially means making time every day for something that grants you pleasure and fulfillment. We spoke to life coach and author Cheryl Richardson to learn more, and she reminded us that "self-care isn't about time management, it's about self-management." When our lives get hectic and we feel compelled to do a million things for the people around us, our own well-being is often the first thing to get compromised. However, when we take just twenty minutes a day to be selfish, actively choosing to preserve our mental health, we are better able to give more fully and meaningfully to others. Once you make it a habit, you will begin to experience reduced stress and the overall peace of mind you've been missing out on. Print out this one-sheet of self-care ideas and keep it somewhere you will see it. Don't be afraid to mix and match and get creative so you find the right self-care strategy for you.


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