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People love analyzing the details of who they are. Daily horoscopes and Enneagrams are a fun way to learn more about yourself, but now there's a new test that will answer the questions, "What's my personality?" and more importantly, "What's my life path?" The answer may lie in the numbers of your birth date, which leads to your life path number. So what is a life path number and what can it teach you about yourself? Well, just like we have a numerical date of birth that connects us to a specific zodiac sign, we also have a life path number that's based on our birthday.

The life path number you recieve based on your birthday tells you about the gifts you were blessed with and the challenges you will need to overcome. According to psychic medium Kim Russo, author of Your Soul Purpose: Learn How to Access the Light Within,"In numerology, your life path number is typically reflective of who you are and describes your traits and personality," she says. "It is akin to your sun sign in astrology."

Russo believes that numbers create harmony, balance, and pattern to help make sense of your life. Figuring out your life path number can provide you with a way to make sense of the chaos. Find out how to figure out your number and what it means by following Russo's instructions below. 

How to calculate your life path number

All you need is your full birthday — month, day, and year — in order to figure out your life path number.  Here is how to do calculate:

1. Condense each number to a single digit.

Let's take the date May 11, 1960.

Since May is the fifth month of the year, your first number is 5. Note: If your birthday is double digits you should reduce with the calculations below.

Since the day of the month is 11. Reduce the numbers into a single digit by adding them (1+1). Your second number is 2

Your final number is based on your birth year, 1960. You will reduce them again by adding. 1+9+6+0 = 16 

You will again need to reduce them 1+6. Your third number is 7

2. Add up all of your reduced numbers.

Next, add up the three final numbers after reducing them.  in Step 1. In this example, the final numbers are 5, 2, and 7, equaling 14. Reduced, the life path number is 5 (1 + 4).

3. Keep Master Numbers in Mind

In numerology, Russo notes that there are three “magical” numerology numbers: 11, 22, and 33. These numbers — the “Triangle of Enlightenment” — ultimately makes it more difficult to fit one spiritual mold. If your three final numbers result in a master number, it means that you steer the ship and may even be able to master a myriad of spiritual truths. "It can be both a blessing and a curse," Russo adds. "It requires great time and effort to understand how to incorporate the power of a masternNumber into one's life and personality. But it definitely worth the effort!" 

I got my number. Now, what does it mean?

This is the fun part. Here is what your number actually means according to Russo: 

Number 1

Just like being number one suggests, you lead the pack. You are independent and tend to love new beginnings and projects. In fact, according to Russo, if you repeatedly see the number 1 in your life, the universe is telling you to start something new. Despite your self-assured, I’ve-got-this personality, you also value alone time. If you are a number one, you are an innovative leader who teaches others great lessons.

Number 2

Have you ever seen a great duo, like a loving couple or inseparable friends? Situations like these are where you thrive! You are comfortable with your identity and love sharing ideas and thoughts to make the world a better place. Since you are a people-person, you work best in environments where you can humbly serve others.

Number 3

According to Russo, "The number three represents this very dimension in which we live (the third dimesion)." A lot of natural things come in threes for example, Russo says, the stars, sun, and moon or gas, liquid, and solid. Number threes are strong, optimistic, and aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo by being "movers and shakers," according to Russo. It is because of their contagious energy and passionate nature that they excel best at teaching. They are happy-go-lucky and sometimes unfocused, causing them to be insecure and quite emotional if things don’t go their way. If you are a three, you are an inspiration for those who lack full appreciation of the beautiful third dimension that we are a part of.

Number 4

Simply put, fours do not like change nor compromise. This doesn’t mean that they are complacent — these people are ambitious and when they are passionate, it shows tenfold. Due to their goal-chasing nature, they tend to choose logic over creativity, simply because they are their biggest critics. Russo says fours are "grounded, reliable, and trustworthy." She also adds that with fours, "what you see is what you get."

Number 5

In her book, Russo summed up “Fives need to be careful not to be the jack-of-all-trades, but master of none.” Fives are risk-takers, change-seekers, and growth-lovers. There is always a constant battle between their heads and their hearts. Because they like to have options, they do not like being pigeonholed into any commitment that will jeopardize their freedom. Fives are always doing something, so they may find it difficult to regroup and find one thing to focus on. So, they must train themselves to be balanced. Despite this struggle, they are intelligent and extremely analytical. 

Number 6

“S” does not just stand for “six” — it also stands for “selfless”, which is what number sixs are! These are the mediators of the group and always give more than they take. Their true purpose in life is to serve others and to share their divine gifts with the world. This explains why they are great nurses, therapists, and community volunteers. Be careful if you are a six, though — a failure to achieve a balance of helping yourself and helping others can feel like a jumbled mess. This aside, sixes are gracious lovers that fill others' hearts with joy.

Number 7

Lucky number sevens are pretty consistent with the laws of the universe. Superstitious analysts, they are confident seekers of faith and have psychic abilities, according to Russo. Because of this they often find it difficult to achieve a middle-ground of both the spiritual and physical worlds. They are essentially introverted extroverts — they are great thinkers but they love to express their joy for all things (this is why sevens make excellent researchers and philosophers!). 

Number 8

When flipped to its side, eight is the infinity symbol, representing infinite strength when number eights seek improvement (which is often!). They are hardly satisfied with what they have and rarely live in the moment. However, that does not mean they are complacent with their work ethic. Eights are some of the best workers and love being promoted up the ladder of success, or, as Russo puts it — people who "oversee the construction of skyscrapers or runing high-tech companies in Silicon Valley." 

Number 9

Russo considers nines to be the “Mother Teresa’s of the world.” In other words, they are relentless servers who want to share their light with everyone and everything. They are silently wise and they may make a large sum of money, but that does not fill their hearts with joy. They are very content and often donate and help charity efforts. If your number is nine, you are wholeheartedly compassionate!


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