The Ultimate Water Decoder

Find out which types of water to add to your cart and which ones to leave on the shelf.

Ever wonder if your regular old cup of water is in need of an upgrade? With so many health trends fighting for our attention these days, it can be tricky to navigate through all the noise and uncover the truth. If you made a promise to yourself to drink more water, you're trying to lose weight, or you simply want to feel your best inside and out, read on for helpful tips from Dr. Jennifer Caudle and nutritionist JJ Smith.

1. Alkaline Water 

Alkaline water is hard to miss these days, with companies calling it a boon to your health. Some even market the water as "revolutionary" and "self-purifying", making it sound like this drink is a magical elixir that will cure all that ails you. The biggest claim is that the alkalinity regulates your pH levels, which many believe can prevent diseases, reduce inflammation, and lower your risk for heart conditions and obesity.  However, as Dr. Jennifer Caudle explains, the body has its own sophisticated method of maintaining a pH balance so we really don't need alkaline water to help it do its job.   

2. Antioxidant Water

As JJ Smith explains, since sugar-sweetened beverages are becoming less popular, companies are trying to put a new spin on water. Nowadays, to keep up with a competitive market, companies are infusing water with antioxidants and claiming this can help give your body energy throughout the day. The most common antioxidant in these waters is selenium. Although there is no harm in drinking this, getting your antioxidants the natural way is still the most effective method.

3. Electrolyte Water

Electrolytes, like salt and potassium, are most commonly found in sports drinks, but now they are showing up in water as well. But does drinking electrolyte water actually benefit your health? Because minerals like sodium help your body retain water, drinking water infused with electrolytes helps your body replenish itself. This water is worth drinking, especially when you're dehydrated or sweating excessively.

4. Fruit-Flavored Water

You may be wondering, how is fruit-flavored water so flavorful with only zero calories? While it looks just like water and tastes delicious, this infused water is actually quite similar to diet soda. Not only do these drinks have artificial sweeteners, but they are also packed with hidden preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and mystery flavors. All in all, if you are feeling thirsty when you're on the go, reach for plain, old-fashioned water instead of one of these beverages.


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