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Find out how to fix your bad breath, insomnia, and more!

Dr. Oz and his team test out the latest wellness tips and tricks so you don't have to. Find out what works, what doesn't, and amazing lifestyle game changers you need to know about. A new fix will be posted every day throughout the month, so make sure to come back to stock up on these handy helpers you'll never want to live without again!

Eliminate Cellulite With Cellfina

Cellfina is a new FDA-approved procedure that gets rid of your pesky cellulite. The device, like a vacuum, removes extended fibrous bands in the skin to relieve the tissue and smooth the skin. The procedure is not a permanent fix (it lasts for at least one year) but it’s a much more effective solution than rubbing coffee grounds on your cellulite dimples. Learn more about this cellulite-buster here.

Freshen Your Breath With Ice Water and Lemon

Improve your bad breath in no time with these simple ingredients in your home. Cold water and the citric acid found in lemons activate your salivary gland, allowing you to produce more saliva. When your mouth produces saliva it eliminates the older saliva that was causing your bad breath.  

Cure Insomnia With a Cooling Gel Pillow

Before bed your body temperature drops to prepare you for sleep. So if you’re having trouble falling asleep it could be because your body’s thermal regulation is out of whack. Using a memory foam-cooling pillow helps drop your body temperature to one that is optimal for sleep. Learn more about this sleep gadget here.

Bust Bacteria in Your Home With a Homemade Chemical-Free Cleaner

Get rid of germs with without having to spray chemicals all over your house. This spray contains lemon juice to dissolve the grease and grime, vodka to kill the bacteria, and organic castile soap to make sure the dirt is cleared away. Get the recipe for this cleaner here.

Clean Dirty Bras With a Salad Spinner

Save your bras from being ruined in the washing machine by washing them in a salad spinner instead. Simply add two cups of water and two tablespoons of baby shampoo and spin. Once your bras are soaped up, discard the soapy water and add two cups of clean water and spin. Dump out the water one more time and put your bras back in to spin again to remove any excess water before hanging to dry. 

Make Pancakes Fluffier With Club Soda

This weekend try adding a little club soda into your regular pancake mix to fluff them up. The carbonation in the soda breaks up the batter to make it more light and airy. 

Soothe Dry Skin With a Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are an easy and affordable way to combat your dry skin. They are super hydrating for the face and can be picked up at your local drugstore for $10 or less.

Use Liquid Ibuprofen to Decrease Inflammation in Pimples

Ibuprofen is great for decreasing inflammation and healing skin—even when it comes to pimples! Brian Underwood, Beauty Director of Dr. Oz The Good Life says you should poke the liquid capsule with a pin so some of the gel comes out. Put a small amount onto the affected area, and repeat the process every day until your blemish disappears. Learn how to use other household items for more beauty hacks to make your life easier.

Reduce Your Anxiety by Smelling Oranges

The scent of oranges has a relaxing effect on the body. With one sniff, the aroma can calm your nerves and help you relax. Try adding cloves into your oranges to make the scent stronger and place the decorated oranges in your kitchen to alleviate your stress all day long.  

Use a Jump Rope for a Great Total-Body Workout

Jumping rope is an amazing exercise for your body because it exercises your legs, your arms, and gives you a big dose of cardio. Save yourself money and don’t buy fancy exercise gadgets that may or may not work, instead invest a few bucks in a jump rope and use it for five to 10 minutes each day.​

Use a Cold Spoon to Reduce Under-Eye Puffiness

An exclusive fix from Dr. Oz The Good Life. Beauty Director Brian Underwood demonstrates how to reduce the puffiness under your eyes. Watch it here. 

Elevate Your Legs Into a Squat to Relieve Constipation

When you sit on the toilet your muscles relax in order for you to make a bowel movement. However, the end of your bowel is kinked which can make it harder to push out your waste and can leave you constipated. To solve the problem, put a stack of magazines, newspapers, or a small stool underneath you to prop up your legs into a slight squatting position—this will straighten your bowel and make it much easier to poop.  ​

Use a Desk Chair Cushion to Improve Your Posture and Strengthen Your Core

Help yourself stand up straighter, alleviate back pain, and strengthen your spine by using a desk chair cushion. This cushion elevates you and puts your pelvis in a good position which not only forces you to have good posture, it soothes your spine and makes you more comfortable when sitting—especially during long hours at the office.

VenaSeal Treatment to Eliminate Varicose Veins

A new treatment recently approved by the FDA can get rid of your varicose veins using ultrasound technology. Medical glue is injected into the problem vein in order to seal it and redirect the blood through other healthy veins in your leg. The procedure is starting to come in to doctor’s offices now and has a very high success rate, however this treatment is not for everyone and it is important that you consult with a medical professional before signing up for the surgery. Read viewer Valerie’s experience on getting the treatment.

Stop Pimples With Cortisone Cream

Cortisone decreases inflammation, which makes it perfect for dealing with pesky pimples. Just dab the cream onto the affected area and leave it on for a couple of hours or overnight. Make sure you only use a small amount (the size of a grain of rice) because when used in larger doses too frequently, cortisone can actually thin the skin. 

Trap Flies by Using Red Wine

If you have a fly problem in your house, swap the swatter for wine to catch them. Flies are prone to be near rotting things and because wine is fermented, flies are instantly attracted to it. Fill a small bowl with red wine and place it wherever your fly problem is to eliminate the issue without the mess. 

Drink Beer to Calm Indigestion

Sip on a bitter beer to relieve your indigestion after a big meal. Bitter beers are rich in hops which are super helpful in stimulating digestion and helping your body get rid of excess gas that may be trapped.

Use a Glass Water Bottle to Save the Environment and Your Body  

Plastic is very damaging to the environment but the chemicals in it can also be damaging to your body. One easy swap is to stop using plastic water bottles and try glass instead. In fact, companies sell glass water bottles with a silicone protection sleeve on the outside in order to keep it from breaking. Check out more plastic swaps here.

De-Frizz Your Hair With Avocado

Mash up one avocado along with some of your favorite conditioner in a bowl until smooth. Coat your hair with this natural conditioning mask and then rinse off after 10-15 minutes. The fatty acids in avocados decrease the swelling in your strands that cause your hair to frizz, leaving you with smooth and beautiful hair.

Fix the Scratches on Your Furniture With Walnuts

The oil in walnuts is really helpful for getting rid of scratches on wood. Simply take a walnut piece or two and rub onto the affected furniture surface and you will see the scratch start to fade, and then disappear. 

Untangle Your Jewelry Using Baby Powder

If you have a knot (or several) in a necklace chain that you can’t seem to get out, sprinkle a little baby powder on the problem area. The powder softens up the chain and allows for you to untangle it with ease.

Digest a Big Meal with Water, Lemon, and Baking Soda

This cocktail concoction provides almost-instant relief from indigestion. Add a few drops of lemon juice and a teaspoon of baking soda into a glass of water. Baking soda helps break up the acid in your stomach that is causing you pain and the lemon helps to neutralize and balance your stomach’s reaction to the baking soda. 

Treat Your Smelly Feet With Apple Cider Vinegar

The acid in apple cider vinegar fights off the bacteria on your skin that causes your feet to smell. After a long day in shoes or after intense exercise, wipe down your feet with apple cider vinegar. For more surprising uses for apple cider vinegar, click here.

Use an At-Home Threader to Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair

The Thread Hair Facial Remover allows you to thread your upper lip and chin from the comfort of your own home.  Forget paying for a salon visit every week to get it done professionally, and instead invest in this easy-to-use gadget. Just don’t use it on your eyebrows because there is not a big enough surface area to twist and pull the device to shape your brows.

Make an Ice Pack Out of Dish Soap to Treat Aches and Pains

The problem with icing an injury is that the ice does not mold with the body, making it very hard to provide relief for the whole area. In order to fix this problem, simply pour dish soap into a small sealable plastic bag and freeze. The dish soap, even when frozen, does not get completely hard allowing you to mold the ice to fit your pain and give you fast relief.

Massage Your Feet Using Marbles    

Make your own foot massager with materials you may have laying around in your house. Take a sock and tie the toe area with a rubber band. Then, add in the marbles and tie shut with another rubber band. Put your new marble massager underneath your foot and roll it back and forth.

Help Your Thyroid With Brazil Nuts

Just a small handful of Brazil nuts can give your body a ton of selenium which is beneficial for your thyroid. Selenium is one of the main minerals that helps thyroid functioning and so, if you’ve noticed problems with your thyroid recently, you may want to add a little extra selenium into your daily diet. Learn more about selenium-rich foods and other ways to help your thyroid at-home.

Use Soda to Clean Your Toilet

While soda may not be healthy to put in your body it is super helpful to put in your toilet. The acids and chemicals contained in a soda help breakdown the dirt and grime that is hiding in your toilet bowl. Pour one can of diet or regular soda into the bowl and let it sit there, then scrub and flush per usual.

Place a Pillow Under Your Lower Back to Alleviate Pain

Placing a pillow under your back is a great way to relieve any built up pain or tension that you might be experiencing. When you wake up in the morning, do this on your floor before you start the rest of your day—take deep breaths, relax, and stretch out your back muscles.

Clean Your Jewelry With Toothpaste

If your jewelry is looking a little lackluster lately, clean it with a squirt of toothpaste. Rub the toothpaste on the piece of jewelry and then rinse it and dry it off to make it shine again. Get other clever ways to use your toothpaste here.

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