Thomas August Alfreda Jr., DO

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Thomas August Alfreda Jr., DO

Full name: Thomas August Alfreda Jr., DO

Age: 39

Hometown: New Castle, PA

Specialty: Internal Medicine Specialist, Hospice Medical Director

Place of Practice: Las Vegas, NV

Why did you want to become a doctor?

I used to watch St. Elsewhere with my mother as a child.


What sets you apart from other doctors in your field?

I’m a normal guy. I listen to what my patients have to say, and I have a lot of fun with them. 

What are your 5 tips for living longer?

1. Have sex. Lots of sex. As much as you can, no matter how old you are. Just make sure that you protect yourself.

2. Take time for yourself. Do what you enjoy doing.  This helps with overall well-being, and others around you will benefit.

3. Stay on a schedule. Eat, work, play, sleep.

4. Find a hobby you enjoy, then you won’t focus on other feelings of illness.

5. Everything in moderation.

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