Things Your Face Is Trying to Tell You

You look in the mirror countless times a day – but are you catching onto the potential warning signs? Certain features on your face can be indicative of a health condition. Find out what your face is trying to tell you.

Things Your Face Is Trying to Tell You

Learning that you have a health condition may be as simple as checking yourself out. Each condition below expresses itself with symptoms that are visible on your face.

Condition: High Cholesterol

Symptom: A grayish-white ring around your cornea. This ring is actually a deposit of lipids (fats) around the edge of the cornea.

Solution: Control your high cholesterol. Click here to learn how to normalize your cholesterol levels.

Condition: Allergies

Symptom: Bumps inside your lower eyelid. Pull down your eyelid and look inside; if there are cobblestone-like bumps present, it means you’re probably allergic to something. Inflammation of the eye or puffiness of the lids is often due to allergies or sinus problems.

Solution: Click here for an anti-allergy attack plan.

Condition: B Vitamin Deficiency

Symptom: Cracks in the corner of your mouth. Additionally, this condition could lead to a sore tongue and sores in your mouth.

Solution: Eat dark, leafy greens and take a multivitamin. Click here to learn more about the benefits of vitamin B.


Condition: High Risk for Heart Disease

Symptom: A vertical crease in your ear lobe may signal a 33% increase in your risk for heart disease. Although the connection is still unclear, experts believe that some of the genetic factors that influence earlobe creases may also play a role in heart disease.

Solution: Click here to take Dr. Oz’s Healthy Heart Challenge. Click here for more resources on reversing heart disease.

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