Surprising Habits Destroying Your Health

You may think you’re doing everything right, but one small variation can turn some good habits bad.

Surprising Habits Destroying Your Health

Learn which daily rituals have the potential to take years off your life and speed up aging. Dr. Oz has tips to help you avoid these negative side effects. With a little know-how you can turn a negative back in to a positive.

Moisturizing Your Face

Moisturizing your face is an important part of a healthy skincare routine. But using the same product you did in your 20s won’t cut it in your 40s and beyond. As you age, your skin dries out and your body secretes less oil. To keep your skin looking radiant, upgrade to a hydrating cream with antioxidants and an SPF of at least 15. Antioxidants will help reduce wrinkles at night and SPF will guard against the sun’s rays.


Stretching Before You Get Out of Bed

Stretching is important for maintaining flexibility in your muscles and relieving tension. However, improper stretching can create undue muscle strain and lead to more serious problems like a herniated disc in your spine. To correct this, make sure you don’t move too quickly before leaving your bed and learn the proper stretching technique. Click here for healthy ways to stretch.

Taking Vitamins

Vitamins and supplements are key factors for health and longevity. But not all vitamins mix well with prescriptions. Taking calcium with prescription drugs hinders absorption of the medication, making it less effective. Calcium impacts multivitamins similarly. To guard against this problem, take magnesium and calcium supplements an hour after taking any medication. Beware of taking pills with calcium-fortified drinks, such as orange juice, which can block medicine absorption.

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