Summer Supplements to Beat the Heat

Dr. Oz reveals the 3 vital supplements you need to keep healthy all summer long.

Summer Supplements to Beat the Heat

Summer is a great time to barbeque, enjoy the sun, and spend quality time with your family. But did you know your favorite summer activities could actually be harmful to your health? Here, Dr. Oz explains why, and shares three crucial supplements that will allow you to enjoy your favorite summer pastimes without having to worry about your health.

Beat the BBQ: L-Carnosine

Although they’re delicious, grilling protein-packed chicken, omega-3 rich fish, or the occasional piece of red meat can be harmful to your body. Cooking meat quickly at high temperatures releases chemicals known as advanced glycation end products or AGEs. These AGEs promote oxidative stress and cellular inflammation, leading to premature wrinkles and, over time, even heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

To combat the AGEs released while grilling, try taking a L-carnosine supplement. Carnosine, which occurs naturally in our bodies, contains potent antioxidant activity to block the effects of AGEs. Natural carnosine levels, however, have been shown to decrease by 63% between ages 10 and 70. So it’s important to supplement your levels by taking 500 mg of L-carnosine twice per day, available for around $40 in health food stores.

Overcome the Sun: Lycopene

By now you know the importance of wearing sunscreen to protect yourself from sun damage that can lead to skin cancer. But you probably didn’t know that the nutrient found in tomatoes, lycopene, can protect your skin from the inside out. In fact, a British study showed that volunteers who ate 5 tablespoons of tomato paste with 10 grams of olive oil a day for 12 weeks were 33% less likely to burn from UV exposure than those who only ate olive oil. Researchers believe it was due to the lycopene producing procollagen, a molecule which helps protect the skin.

Unless you’re able to eat a lot of tomato-based meals, you should supplement your lycopene intake during the summer months to protect against sun exposure. Try taking 16 mg per day, available for around $15 in health food stores. And remember that a lycopene supplement is just that – a supplement – and not a replacement for sunscreen.

Defeat Energy Drain: Reishi Mushroom Extract

Between shuttling the kids to summer camps, battling to keep your yard in shape, and trying to stay cool in the hot summer sun, what should be the most relaxing season of all can leave you feeling the most drained! For an energy boost that will reinvigorate you throughout all those extra summertime activities, try reishi mushroom extract.

Reishi mushrooms have been used in traditional Asian medicine for over 4000 years to treat liver disorders, hypertension, arthritis and other ailments. Modern studies show that they may help boost insulin levels, allowing the body to more efficiently use blood sugar for energy production. Additionally, reishi’s anti-inflammatory properties may neutralize the chemicals that drain your energy. Try taking 1000 mg of reishi mushroom extract, 3 times per day, and get back to loving your summer! Available for around $12 in health food stores.

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