Stroke Risk Warning Signs and Checklist

Help protect yourself and your loved ones with this handy guide.

Talk show host Montel Williams recently had a near-death experience when he suffered from a hemorrhagic stroke. Since he followed his gut when he wasn't feeling well and went to the hospital, he was able to get the care he needed before it was too late. Strokes are particularly dangerous because the symptoms can appear out of nowhere and take effect, causing serious, life-threatening damage. Take a look at the stroke risk checklist and symptom checker below to learn more. By being aware of these factors and staying vigilant, you can take charge of your health and be prepared. Protect yourself with this printable wallet card because having all of this information with you at the hospital could save your life.

Stroke Card


Knowing the Signs of Stroke Could Save Your Life

The Warning Signs of a Stroke 

What You Need to Know About Strokes in Young Adults

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