Stress-Busting Foods

While taking a daily dose of vitamin C can help lower stress, it's not exactly a taste bud tingling experience. Pile your plates with these stress-busting foods to increase energy and smooth your worry lines.

Stress-Busting Foods

As part of your regular diet, these nutrients can help you lower stress, feel calmer, and maintain energy. And guess what? They all taste really good. So, go ahead, treat yourself to:

A few creamy bites of guacamole Avocados are loaded with B vitamins, which stress quickly depletes and which your body needs in order to maintain healthy nerves and brain cells. Or try getting your avocado fix with this Brazilian-inspired shake.

A palmful of mixed nuts Walnuts help replace those stress-depleted B vitamins, Brazil nuts hop you up on zinc (which is also drained by high anxiety), almonds boost your E (which helps fight cellular damage linked to chronic stress), and pistachios can soften the impact stress hormones have on the body.

A plate of roasted asparagus Each tender stalk is a source of folic acid, a natural mood lightener. Dip the spears in fat-free yogurt or sour cream for a hit of calcium with each bite.

A spinach salad These leafy greens are packed with magnesium, which helps regulate your body's level of cortisol, which tends to get depleted when we're under pressure.

A bowl of whole-wheat pasta All carbohydrates prompt the brain to make more serotonin, which is a feel-good chemical. Other healthy options include whole-grain breakfast cereals, breads, and oatmeal. Complex carbs also help you feel balanced by stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Good-for-you fish Omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish such as salmon and trout, can protect your heart from surges in stress hormones. Aim to eat 4 ounces of fatty fish at least 3 times a week.

A cup of warm milk Your mother knew what she was doing. Milk (skim, please!) is the perfect bedtime stress buster.

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