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Meet Mitra Forsberg, a woman who suffered from chronic headaches until she discovered on that a gluten intolerance could be to blame.

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Since the age of 3, Mitra Forsberg has suffered from excruciating migraines. Starting at age 6, she underwent every type of test to see what was causing them – even spinal taps. Growing up, she learned to live with the pain, but it also took a serious toll on her mental health. She became depressed, and when she grew up and had kids of her own, it soon rubbed off on her entire family. 

At age 42, after trying nearly everything and long given up on a cure, Forsberg turned to, and poked around for news on migraine health. After signing up for the newsletter, she came across something that would forever change her life: a story on new research connecting migraines and gluten. Within a month, she cut out gluten and became headache-free for the first time in her life. 

Now, she pays it forward. As the human resources manager for her company, she makes sure her employees are well-informed on new health news, and personally helps them live healthier, stronger lives. To get more stories like this, sign up for the Dr. Oz newsletter to receive trending health news, recipes, and more.

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