Rip Esselstyn and The Dr. Oz Fire Drill

Former firefighter and author of The Engine 2 Diet, Rip Esselstyn reacts to the Mo, Doug and Iggy's success on Dr. Oz's 28-day adaptation of the Engine 2 Diet.

Rip Esselstyn and The Dr. Oz Fire Drill

Rip Esselstyn is no stranger to success. In 2003, one of his fellow firefighters had a dangerously high cholesterol level of 344. Rip put him on the Engine 2 Diet "plantstrong" plan, and in just 3 weeks, that man's cholesterol dropped 148 points. He's had similar results with almost 100 firefighters in the Austin, TX fire department.

Here's how he reacted to the success of Mo, Doug and Iggy, 3 Chicago firefighters who approached Dr. Oz and Rip for help fighting the fat.

The Dr. Oz Show: How do you feel about the changes you've seen in Iggy, Doug and Mo?

The changes were impressive but they were not unexpected - because whenever someone sticks to the E2 game plan, results like these happen, naturally and effortlessly. Nearly everyone who's gone on the E2 plan has had the same results!

The Dr. Oz Show: What has impressed you most about their progress?
What's impressed me most is how Iggy, Doug and Mo tackled this head on without so much as one excuse. Let's face it, excuses are like belly buttons - everyone has one. They didn't say they would "try" it and see how it went. It was more of the Yoda mentality from the movie Star Wars; "there is no try, do or do not." These guys were doers!

The Dr. Oz Show: Now that they've completed the challenge, how do you see them incorporating the Engine 2 Diet?
All the guys are now changed for life. They have a newfound appreciation and awareness for plant-strong foods and they now know the difference between being plant-smart and plant-ignorant. They may not be plant-perfect for the rest of their lives but they will be plant-strong. They look at what constitutes healthy food with a new set of eyes. They now know chicken, fish, olive oil, milk, fat-free yogurt, and lean red meat are not Engine 2-approved health foods.  And they love their vegetables, fruits, legumes, and grains!

The Dr. Oz Show: What highlights would you like to shares about your visits, field trips or individual advice to the team?
The guys had such a can-do attitude! Whether it was learning how to read labels, cook without oils, or to grocery shop, they dove in with the same amount of excitement as they would tackling a 6-alarm fire. And the support and understanding they received from their spouses was a beautiful sign of love and compassion.

The Dr. Oz Show: What is the one thing you'd like others to take away from their success?
Everyone one of you is in control of your health...and it starts with what's at the end of your fork. You can have health by choice, not by chance. Take the Engine 2, 28- day health opportunity and then you be the judge. My bet is you'll discover that if you can become plant-strong, you will be a much happier, healthier, and thinner person!

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