Reflexology Hand Map

Use this hand map as a guide to help ease pain throughout your body.

Reflexology Hand Map

Reflexology is an ancient healing therapy that's based on the idea that every single part of your body is connected through the nerves to the hands, ears and feet. Those who practice reflexology believe that by simply stimulating certain points, you can elicit a response from the nervous system that can relieve stress, balance your entire body and target specific ailments. For some people, reflexology can result in immediate relief; other people will find gradual relief after daily practice. 

According to reflexologist Michelle Ebbin, reflexology can also be used as a diagnostics tool: If you feel tenderness or like there are grains of sand on certain parts of your palm, this may indicate that there's a problem with the coordinating organ or  system. Take a look at this reflexology hand map and use it as a guide to learn which parts of the hand to stimulate to help heal or prevent specific body pains. 

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