The Plan to Shut Down Worrying

Research shows a significant number of insomnia cases are due to nighttime worrying. Keep your mind from racing and get to sleep faster with this plan from author and self-proclaimed spirit junkie Gabrielle Bernstein.

Step 1: Realize Insomnia Is Not the Problem, It's the Symptom

Studies show the average person has 60,000 thoughts a day, of those a majority are repeated thoughts. People tend to be addicted to negative thoughts, but most of the worrying we do is rarely based on reality. This means that without even realizing it, it can become easy to get worked up and think your way into a panic attack. List the worries you have at night, and see if they fall into the FEAR category. FEAR stands for: False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear-based stories from your past that get replayed and projected into the future are often a big part of why your mind races at night. Releasing this fear is the first step to end worrying at night.

Step 2: Identify the Root of Your Worries

You can't remove all of life's stressors–there will always be bills, frustrations and problems, but when you are aware of your fear, it becomes easier to heal. You may discover that your fear is based on an experience from the past that you've been replaying over and over for decades. Or you may see that your fear is a future event that hasn't even happened yet. Once you witness how false your worry is, you can start to release the worry. 

Step 3: Name Your Feelings During the Day

Worries often come from unfelt feelings. Underneath every worry is a feeling that hasn't come to the surface yet. Give yourself permission to feel and honor those feelings to help them pass. To do this, you have to describe how you feel: Notice if you have a tight knot in your stomach, an icy tightness in your jaw or a rumbling vibration in your chest. When you do this, you can clearly identify it when your worry pops up. When it does arise, don't push it down. Just be present and breathe into it. Feeling your feelings sets you free. 

Step 4: Release Indecision

Imagine tossing a coin when you are worrying about a decision. There are two sides of a coin, heads or tails. Imagine the coin flipping and then make your decision instantly, rather than going back and forth, wavering over all of the possible outcomes. 

Step 5: Change Your Sleep Position

If you lay in bed for hours worrying, you may think it's best to get up and start doing something. Instead, lie on your back and bring your spine and legs up to a vertical position. Get your legs as vertical as you can and make sure your weight is on your shoulders. This simple practice can turn your worries and fear upside down and recharged your energy. 

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