The Plan to Kick Your Athleisure Addiction

Stop wearing yoga pants to better your health.

People have become addicted to athleisure clothing. They are a secret weapon that allow you to feel comfortable in your clothes when you’re bloated or gaining weight. Investigative reporter Carolina Bermudez found that athleisure wear can become easily addictive: Once the stretchy fabric forms to your body, you don't notice weight gain and get addicted to the comfort. You get so comfortable that when you try on jeans again you start to feel uncomfortable and go back to wearing athleisure for the false sense of security — creating an addiction cycle. Break your athleisure addiction and start to feel comfortable in your clothes again with these tips.

Step 1: Ask Yourself Why 

Bermudez says that the first step to breaking an athleisure addiction is to ask yourself an important question: “Why am I really relying on these pants?” In order to break this habit, you need to reflect on why you’re doing it in the first place. This will help you gain perspective and realize that maybe you don’t need to wear these pants all the time.

Step 2: Follow the 1 Day On, 3 Days Off Rule

When you wear athleisure, the clothes form to your body so you don’t really notice if you’ve gained any weight. These clothes make you lounge more when you're wearing them and snack more because they strech. Break yourself out of this potential weight gain cycle by committing to wear jeans at least three times a week: if you wear yoga pants one day, keep them off for the next three days. 

Step 3: Limit Athleisure to 5 Hours a Day

Your yoga pants can actually cause back pain because they effect your posture. They allow you to slouch instead of sit up straight which can cause excessive pressure on already painful joints, muscles, and discs. 

According to internist Dr. Sandra Gelbard, if your pants are too tight, they can compress your nerves and cause a numb or tingly feeling. Give your body a break by limiting the amount of time you wear athleisure to just five hours a day or less.

Step 4: Wear Lycra Jeans

Lycra is a fiber that is found in spandex-type fabrics. There are many brands of jeans that use lycra to create stretchy jeans. While they are not spandex, lycra jeans have a stretch in them that prevents that uncomfortable tight feeling many people dislike with denim while still holding shape and making sure you can zip them up comfortably. Wearing lycra jeans can help you transition out of athleisure and into wearing jeans regularly.

By following these simple steps you can start to break your athleisure addiction, keep your weight gain under control, and feel comfortable in your own clothes again.


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