The Plan to Break Up With Salt

Queen Latifah shares smart strategies that will help you quit overusing salt — without sacrificing flavor.

Queen Latifah, who has teamed up with the American Heart Association’s Rise Above Heart Failure initiative, shares her plan to reduce your intake of salt. A diet that’s high in sodium can lead to high blood pressure and cause heart problems. If you crave salt on everything — even fruit and already salted French fries — try Queen Latifah’s plan to break up with salt.

Know the Common Culprits

The salty six are six common foods that are the most likely culprits for hidden salt:

  • Bread and rolls
  • Cold cuts and cured meats
  • Pizza
  • Poultry
  • Soup
  • Sandwiches

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Eliminate 3 Packaged Foods a Week

Going cold turkey doesn’t work. Instead, ease into the salt elimination. Each week, eliminated three packaged foods that you commonly eat. This gradual removal of salty packaged foods allows your taste buds adjust, so that you crave less salt.

Snack on a Potassium Power Pair

Combat your salt cravings by snacking on potassium power pairs. These will help to satisfy the oral fixation you may have to put something in your mouth, so you aren’t depriving yourself of that hand-to-mouth behavior. Some of Queen Latifah's favorite potassium power pairs are canned tuna with tomatoes or a cup of yogurt with a banana.

These potassium-rich snacks also naturally decrease your blood pressure.

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Add Flavor

Make a personalized herb mix, and put it in shaker. That way, you can use it in place of salt, but still have flavor. Plus, you’ll get that satisfying ritual of shaking something onto your food for flavor.

Queen Latifah recommends a mix of garlic and onion powder, cayenne, rosemary, oregano, and pepper. Mix up a personalized herb mixture to suit your tastes, and put it on everything for sodium-free flavor.

Take Small Steps

Dietary changes are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to heart health. Eating right and exercising is also very important. Improving your heart health can be as easy as starting to walk daily — even a modest amount of daily exercise can make a huge difference. 

More Tips for Heart Health: 

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