Pedophile Red Flags to Look Out For

Make sure your children are surrounded by safe people with this guide.

Pedophile Red Flags to Look Out For

Psychotherapist Dr. Karen Ruskin outlines some common red flags to point out potential pedophiles. Child molesters do not have one physical characteristic that sets them apart. There is not one profession, personality, sex, religion, or race that pedophiles have which is why it is so important for parents to pay attention to all people their children interact with. In fact, many times predators are actually people you or your children know, instead of a stranger, which can make the situation harder to detect and can also cause victims to continue to have a relationship with their abuser. Make sure you are keeping your children safe by looking out for some of these signs. 

Pedophile Red Flags

1. Pedophile spends more time with children than adults. 

2. Pedophile expresses interest in the same things your child likes. 

3. Pedophile frequently offers to give your child a ride, to take your child shopping to "help you out," and looks for any other way to be alone with your child.

4. Pedophile is overly affectionate with children who are not his/her own.

How to Protect Your Children 

1. Look for signs of grooming which is the act of gaining a child's trust. Pedophiles won't start physically abusing until trust has been gained.

2. Be involved in your child's life -- typically molesters target children who do not get a lot of attention from parents. 

3. Help your children protect themselves by teaching them lessons, such as inappropriate touching is never acceptable. 

4. Do not dismiss your child's claims or observations about other people or things that happened to them.


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