The Pear-Shape Workout

Try this quick 20-minute routine to get a great workout and stay energized all day long.

The Pear-Shape Workout

Ted Spiker is known as the self-proclaimed pear-shaped man, and after finally finding his healthy weight, knows a thing or two about how to end yo-yo dieting for good. Below, a 20-minute circuit workout based on the exercise routine he does every day. 

Warm-Up: 5 Minutes

Do a light jog, walking lunges or jumping jacks to loosen up and warm up. This will help you recover faster and prevent injuries. 

Intervals: 10 Minutes

Alternating between doing an exercise as hard and fast as you can (while still executing proper form) for one minute, followed by one minute of moderate intensity. Repeat this five times, making sure each new set is a different exercise. Stuck on which exercises to do? Try the Back to Basics workout series, starting at the beginner level and moving up to advanced as you improve.

Cool Down: 5 Minutes

Do a light jog or brisk walk and dynamic stretches (like lunges and leg swings) to increase flexibility and prevent stiffness.

For a more challenging routine, add light weights where appropriate or combine this circuit with 20 minutes of your favorite cardio, such as swimming, cycling or running. Always consult a physician before starting a new exercise routine. 

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